Vores webhostingeksperter

Angela Olaru Angela Olaru
Senior skribent & Hosting ekspert
Angela Olaru er senior skribent og hosting anmelder hos HostAdvice. Som ekspert i hosting anmeldelser, og bidrager med kvalitetsanmeldelser af førende hostingvirksomhededer.
Neil Anuskiewicz Neil Anuskiewicz
Neil Anuskiewicz has a passion for the technology that keeps the Internet running, such as networking, DNS, and email. He’s worked as a hostmaster for an ISP and as a solutions engineer for an Email Service Provider. He now helps small businesses use technology to solve problems and achieve their objectives.
Mark Armistead Mark Armistead
Marketing Automation Specialist with over 10 years experience working in tech. I'm always looking for new technologies to work with. In addition to web hosting and email marketing, I'm always playing with cutting edge stuff like VR or AI-driven automation. I hope you enjoy reading about what I learn!
Bruno Mirchevski Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert
Bruno Mircevski is an experienced content writer as well as entrepreneur. His career took him to different phases where he had to switch web hosting providers for one reason or another. Taking a trip from shared web hosting to dedicated web hosting, he experienced it all and is prepared to share that knowledge with you. With years of real hosting experience, he will explain the ins and outs of every single web hosting provider out there as you take an in-depth look at everything they have to offer, and what their pitfalls are.
Craig Timmins Craig Timmins
Craig er en moden ekspert inden for digital marketing, og han har været i branchen i 10 år. Han har en stærk passion for at skrive om emner, der kan hjælpe mindre firmaer med at fremme deres varemærker, hvad enten det er ved at vælge de rigtige webhostingpakker og platforme eller ved at bruge strategier for sociale medier.
davidmalcom30 davidmalcom30
David is a pro-active professional with over 9 years of writing experience, specializing in Article Writing, Technical Writing, and SEO for websites. I fashion and execute expert strategies for creating succinct content that features perfect grammar and spelling. I’m also a strong believer that Attention to detail + Organization + Management + reliability = a recipe for success in freelance writing.
Eliran Ouzan Eliran Ouzan
Webdesigner og hostingekspert
Eliran Ouzan er medstifter af og designer hos HostAdvice og ejer også Moonshot Marketing, et førende firma inden for webdesign og -udvikling. Eliran har stor viden om, hvad der definerer et godt hostingfirma.
Arvind Singh Arvind Singh
Arvind is an ardent individual who never refrains himself from exploring the new technology. He's an experienced WordPress developer and technical writer with a keen interest in web hosting.
Idan Cohen Idan Cohen
Over 7 års erfaring inden for onlinemarketing. Han er selvudnævnt mester inden for alt digitalt og har en stor passion for analyser og tests.
Jackie Goldstein Jackie Goldstein
Chief content manager hos
Jackie er Chief content manager os, ansvarlig for styring, editering og udvikling indhold i høj kvalitet på websiden. Han har blandt andet en baggrund indenfor software- og websideudvikling, såvel som online marketing. (F. eks SEO. PPC, CPA, osv.)
Jason Harcsztark Jason Harcsztark
Iværksætter og teknologiekspert
Jason er grafisk kunstner og iværksætter. Han administrerer flere websites og bliver ofte involveret i community-styring og marketing. Med over 15 år inden for IT har Jason set internettet udvikle sig fra ICQ-chat til den fulde multimedieoplevelse og det internet, vi ser i dag. HostAdvice er glade for at få Jason med på vores ekspertteam og interviewe og skrive om hostingfirmaer. Han bruger sin erfaring som chef for mindre onlinefirmaer i sine interviews og bibringer derved tech-blogs en forfriskende og letlæst stil.
JB Benjamin JB Benjamin
Extremely technically proficient and a highly motivated Digital Content Designer responsible for the development of multiple successful digital campaigns for several international companies and agencies.
Jeffrey Scott Jeffrey Scott
CloudTech Report publishes industry analysis, articles, reviews, and whitepapers on web hosting, software application development, & data center platform technology.
Amos Kingatua Amos Kingatua
Amos Kingatua is an ICT consultant who has been helping businesses to set up and efficiently run a wide range of in-house and hosted data centers.He also doubles as a freelance technical writer in the server, storage, networks, cybersecurity, IoT and other ICT and electronics industries.
Lindsey Conger Lindsey Conger
Lindsey is a freelance writer based out of Chicago who specializes in technology, business, finance, and real estate. Her work has appeared in Forbes, Dwell, and Stackstreet.
Elizabeth Njoroge Elizabeth Njoroge
Liz is a tech enthusiast with a keen eye for infrastructure and cybersecurity. Her experience includes over nine years of networks, systems, and information security infrastructure. She has written standard operating procedures, technical manuals, training guides, help files, and getting started guides in several formats in various technology areas like virtualization, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.
Marin Dujic Marin Dujic
Senior skribent & Hosting ekspert
Marin Dujic er senior skribent, anmelder og operationel assisten hos HostAdvice. Som en af de ældste medlemmer af den redaktionelle stab hos HostAdvice, så har hun øverste ansvar for godkendelser af brugeranmeldelser, og giver kritisk operationel assistance til HostAdvice. Elektronisk tekniker af profession, Marin er også grafisk designer, og yder kvalitetsbranding og design til vores webside.
Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko
Seniorwebudvikler, teknisk direktør for HostAdvice
Max er en 26-årig skribent, hostingekspert og programmør fra Østukraine. Hans lidenskaber er varierede, og han elsker programmering, finere kunst samt musik og komponerer regelmæssigt sin egen musik, som han spiller på sin basguitar.
Kennedy Mbuvi Kennedy Mbuvi
Ken is an expert in Linux System & Network Engineering, CMS Web & Software Development. Being a refined Telecom/Linux Engineer has enabled Ken to amass a wide gamut of practical technical skills and concepts. He's also been professionally registered as a Graduate Engineer (B8928) with Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK).
Md. Ehsanul Haque Kanan Md. Ehsanul Haque Kanan
I'm a tech enthusiast who loves to help others with articles about Magento, WordPress, Linux and web servers.
Michael Lavnduski Michael Lavnduski
Ekspertskribent inden for hosting og tests
Michael er freelanceskribent fra Grand Rapids i Michigan og specialiseret i webhosting og at lave IT-relateret indhold. Han har produceret indhold for hundredvis af sites inden for de sidste fem år, herunder mange internationale hostingfirmaer. Udover 15 års erfaring med IT og marketing har han adskillige branchecertificeringer til f.eks. A+, MCP, CAN og ITIL.
Patricia Eldridge Patricia Eldridge
Patricia is a tech and business blogger. She is a single mother writing full time to support her kids. She is an animal rights activists who also believe that there is a special place in hell for people who put pineapple on pizza. She is a professional writer with over six years experience.
Sara Mirchevska Sara Mirchevska
Sara is a tech enthusiast and writer with over five years of experience. She is studying at UACS in North Macedonia. Sara is a creative person who is looking to become a high-tech writer over the years that come. She wants to be up to date with everything in the world that is related to technology and hosting, and she is the one that provides us with news in the web hosting world.
Tamar Weinberg Tamar Weinberg
Professionel gåpå-mand
Medarbejder #6 hos Mashable , skribent for Lifehacker og community-chef for Namecheap Inc.
Tamar Weiss Tamar Weiss
Tamar Weiss has a passion for increasing awareness, growth, and sales for B2B companies through customer-focused content. She currently works as a consultant in a range of startups and large international companies. Previously, she was the content marketing specialist at Optimove, a retention automation company and Insightera, a Marketo company.
Yuriy Gandyak Yuriy Gandyak
Senior skribent & Hosting ekspert
Yuriy Gandyak er senior skribent, anmelder og IT Chef hos HostAdvice. Som skribent hos HostAdvice, Yuriy tilfører mere end 10 års professionel erfaring fra IT og teknisk support industrien. Udover at yde kvalitetsanmeldelser af hosting virksomheder, så er han et vigtigt medlem af vores tekniske support - bidrager til problemløsningre på stedet, efterhånden som de opstår.

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