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Delt-Hosting 18 kr - 71 kr
Cloud-Hosting 54 kr - 107 kr

Data Centers

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Michelle Holst

Opsat anmeldelse

Michelle Holst,
god kundeservice Det er simpelthen 5 stjerner. Jeg har allerede købt flere i 12 måned. Jeg håber, jeg aldrig fortryder det. Tak skal du have.


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Jack C
Jack C fra Storbritannien,

Unnecessary stress from beginning to end

Generally, a chaotic and disorganised website host. As you can probably imagine given their relatively low-price point, they are a reseller, of Stablepoint to be precise. Sad as it is you often get what you pay for, and this is on...Læs meree such occasion.

Harsh as it may sound, its unnecessary stress from beginning to end with Shark... Clunky website, poorly maintained (yet often referred to) knowledgebase and constant networking and configuration changes... Sometimes with little or no notice. Personally, for me, the last point is a biggie. This has left sites and services offline or not working correctly on more than one occasion, requiring immediate or short-term remedial effort to get things standing up again and thoroughly tested.

Combine these points with generally poor communication... When there is notice of a change it often provides little notice, an ultimatum, or focuses on the mid/long-term benefits to the business, rather than the client right now... So, it is all rather messy.

It is always good practice of course, but do make sure you properly read the product-specific terms and conditions if registering, as there is at least one service offered which is essentially useless when you marry it up to its Ts & Cs.

The one-man-band that is Chris at Shark / Net87 / Chick etc is decent in fairness if you read this line again and take it in context alongside the price.

If you, your company, group or organisation *need* service dependability, technical support with real answers and that is 24/7, or general calmness and peace of mind I respectfully recommend trying elsewhere. If your operation is small and reasonably happy with 'cheap and cheerful' then Shark Hosting may well work out fine for you.

Best of luck.

SharkHosting priser, planer & funktioner - 2022

Planer for delt hosting

Navn på plan Rum Båndbredde Panel Antal websteder Pris Score
Blue Shark Ubegrænset Ubegrænset cPanel 5 18 kr 8.6 Detaljer
Tiger Shark Ubegrænset Ubegrænset cPanel 10 36 kr 9.5 Detaljer
Whale Shark Ubegrænset Ubegrænset cPanel Ubegrænset 54 kr 8.9 Detaljer
Unlimited 1 - 1 Year Ubegrænset Ubegrænset cPanel 1 45 kr 7.7 Detaljer
Adult Shark XXX Ubegrænset Ubegrænset cPanel 1 71 kr 2.6 Detaljer

Planer for cloud hosting

Navn på plan Rum CPU RAM Båndbredde Pris Score
Cloud 1 - 1 Year Ubegrænset - 0 B Ubegrænset 54 kr 7.0 Detaljer
Cloud 1 X - 1 Year Ubegrænset - 0 B Ubegrænset 107 kr 9.3 Detaljer

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