FlokiNET.is vs Knownhost

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88 planer for hosting 34 planer for hosting
Start pris 23 kr / måned 3,47 kr / måned
Gratis domæne Nej Nej
Kuponer Nej 2 kuponer
Pålidelighed 3.0
Pris 3.0
Brugervenlighed 3.0
Support 3.0
Funktioner 3.0
28 anmeldelser 405 anmeldelser
Seneste positive anmeldelse
Great service
Daniel Trasko,
The service run fast and is privacy friendly with each person/project.
I had a small problem, accidentally bought a plan thinking it was a cPanel Reseller (but actually it wasn't) and I contacted them on Signal and they solve... Mere d the problem in a maximum of 10-15 minutes.(ETA).
The ticket support(at WHMCS billing) is not the fastest, they don't answer instantly but if you contact them on Signal, you get a response in at least 2-3 minutes and your problem is solved quickly.
As a hosting/service, it works grrat, with the service I received instant activation with what was in the description/same configuration but I had a confusion is reseller, they credited my account.
Anyone can offer an opinion/express their opinion about a service (it is a human right). but what could you not like about this service? If you want fraud, carding, illegalities, phishing what would you expect? It's normal to suspend you, why would they risk their IPs being listed on SpamHaus's XBLs/RBLs? There is a difference between privacy friendly, offshore (that is, the ISP runs on the respective country's legislation), it is not part of the US (DMCA Ignored), it is not a bulletproof service. Understand the differences between privacyfriendly/offshore and bulletproof. That's not bulletproof, is privacy friendly.
The others who do not recommend this service are 100% competitors.
PS: I am their customer and I can prove this at any time, from what can be seen, they have several ASNs registered with Flokinet (In Romania, Netherlands, Iceland). Enjoy!
Always Rsponsive
Frederico Garza,
I've been with KnownHost for 5 years. The servers are always up. The response time to ticket submissions are very fast. The support staff never make me feel like I'm imposing on them. Overall, a great hosting company.
Seneste negative anmeldelse
Total Garbage Host. Never ever buy any services from them.
Gary Hudson,
This host is fooling people in the name of free-speech and shit. Once you deposit money into their system. It is gone. Never expect a reply from their custom service even though you set he priority High. Their support is comp... Mere letely non-existing. I bought a services and I regret it from this host. Never every deposit single penny into this host. You will regret it. I am telling you guys from my experience. If your server goes down then you will wait for ages for the reply from their customer service. None of the mentioned ways for customer services work actually. It is all misleading ways to get new customers. I am quite positive that most of their old customers have moved away from them for sure. Total garbage which should belong to dustbin. Instead this host should be shut down. Mindre
not responsive- bad support
John D,
Claimed profile - Hasn’t replied to negative reviews
Well doesn't that say it all!
Negative support (basics only)
Arrogant and if you have any real needs they will just brush you OFF and AWAY!
So many limitations... Mere (hidden) and not WP friendly.
STAY AWAY from those SMALL hosting company!
18 planer fra 23 kr til 134 kr 3 planer fra 3,47 kr til 9,97 kr
Under 4 $

Romania I

2,99 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 2 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Antal websteder 2
Se Romania I-plan

Basic Shared Hosting

3,47 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 5 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Antal websteder 1
Se Basic Shared Hosting -plan
Under 8 $

Romania II

5,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 10 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Antal websteder 5
Se Romania II-plan

Standard Shared Hosting

6,47 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 20 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Antal websteder 5
Se Standard Shared Hosting-plan
Over 10 $

Romania III

9,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 20 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Antal websteder 10
Se Romania III-plan

Professional Shared Hosting

9,97 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: Ubegrænset
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
  • Panel: cpanel
Se Professional Shared Hosting-plan
18 planer fra 56 kr til 387 kr 10 planer fra 5,00 kr til 100,00 kr
Under 4 $ Nej Nej
Under 8 $

Romania VPS I

7,50 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 20 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se Romania VPS I-plan

Entry Unmanaged VPS

5,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 20 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se Entry Unmanaged VPS-plan
Over 10 $

Romania VPS II

14,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 50 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se Romania VPS II-plan

Entry Plus Unmanaged

10,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 40 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se Entry Plus Unmanaged-plan
Dedikeret server
43 planer fra 588 kr til 11.038 kr 11 planer fra 49,00 kr til 373,00 kr
Under 4 $ Nej Nej
Under 8 $ Nej Nej
Over 10 $

Romania Proliant DL380p Gen8 LFF

169,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 500 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se Romania Proliant DL380p Gen8 LFF-plan

Dual Intel Xeon E5620

49,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 240 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se Dual Intel Xeon E5620-plan
4 planer fra 50,00 kr til 120,00 kr
Under 4 $ Nej Nej
Under 8 $ Nej Nej
Over 10 $ Nej

Basic Cloud

50,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 60 GB
  • Båndbredde: 2 TB
Se Basic Cloud-plan
Website Builder
2 planer fra 5,98 kr til 9,98 kr
Under 4 $ Nej Nej
Under 8 $ Nej

Entry Level WordPress

5,98 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 50 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se Entry Level WordPress-plan
Over 10 $ Nej

Business Level WordPress

9,98 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 100 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se Business Level WordPress-plan
9 planer fra 56 kr til 1.116 kr 4 planer fra 6,97 kr til 27,47 kr
Under 4 $ Nej Nej
Under 8 $

Finland Reseller I

7,50 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 15 GB
  • Båndbredde: 500.02 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
Se Finland Reseller I-plan

Basic Reseller Hosting

6,97 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 25 GB
  • Båndbredde: 800.05 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
Se Basic Reseller Hosting-plan
Over 10 $

Romania Reseller I

25,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 15 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
  • Panel: cpanel
Se Romania Reseller I-plan

Standard Reseller Hosting

9,97 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 50 GB
  • Båndbredde: 1.17 TB
  • Panel: cpanel
Se Standard Reseller Hosting-plan
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