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Tamar Weiss

Tamar Weiss


Tamar Weiss has a passion for increasing awareness, growth, and sales for B2B companies through customer-focused content. She currently works as a consultant in a range of startups and large international companies. Previously, she was the content marketing specialist at Optimove, a retention automation company and Insightera, a Marketo company.
GetLark: A Simple Platform and Good Pricing are the Key

Interview with Łukasz Gawior, CEO of GetLark

If Lukasz Gawior had to encapsulate GetLark in one word, he’d say ‘simplicity.’ We had an opportunity to learn more about this Polish hosting platform and discovered how they put this belief into practice while at the same time provide a feature-rich product for both web developers and a wider audience.

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LiveChat: Serving the Entire Customer Service Market

Interview with Daniel Zielinski, Partner Marketing Manager at LiveChat

From being listed on the Warsaw stock exchange to pivoting to a SaaS model in 2009, LiveChat has continued on an exciting and strong growth path. As a platform which serves both customer support and online sales, LiveChat strives to constantly offer new and robust features for its customers, including developers.  We had the opportunity to chat with Partner Marketing Manager Daniel Zielinksi to understand more about how LiveChat and its outlook on the future of customer support in an increasingly automated world. Bonus: a special discount for HostAdvice readers.

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Contabo: A Variety of Services, State-of-the-Art Hardware and Competitive Pricing

Markus Heimerl, Marketing Manager of Contabo

Founded in 2003 and formerly known as Giga-International, this company changed its name to Contabo, a shortened version of its vision of content across borders. In keeping with this vision, Contabo strives to deliver both private users as well as small to medium businesses state-of-the-art hardware at an affordable price. To learn more about this German company with customers from all over the world, we interviewed Contabo’s marketing manager, Markus Heimerl.

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PHPNET: Strong Relationships with Customers as Core Value

Interview with Thierry Tatin, Datacenter Director for PHPNET

A French company dedicated to serving its local customer base, PHPNET has a customer base of 15,000 with over 50,000 sites on their own servers and 30,000 hosted domains. It prides itself on developing a close relationship with its customers. We talked in-depth with their datacenter director, Thierry Tatin, to learn more about this web hosting company located in Grenoble, the capital of the French Alps.

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DigitalOcean: Minimize Complexity, Focus on Transparency and Affordability

Interview with Shiven Ramji, VP of Product for DigitalOcean

While many web hosting companies provide solutions for customers with little technical knowledge, but DigitalOcean is passionate about simplifying web infrastructure and building a product that developers love. With over 2.5 million unique visitors per month and 1700 tutorials, it's one of the most comprehensive libraries of open source resources available, while at the same time allowing for transparency and good pricing. We had the opportunity to talk with VP of Product Shiven Ramji about the future for this fast-growing company.

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