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    10 / 10
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  • Brugervenlighed
    10 / 10
  • Support
    10 / 10
  • Funktioner
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Service Prisinterval
Shared Hosting 25 kr - 203 kr Se planer
VPS 231 kr - 1.771 kr Se planer
Dedicated Server 2.260 kr - 15.879 kr Se planer
Cloud Hosting 33 kr - 99 kr Se planer
Service & priser er taget fra www.gohosting.com.au

GoHosting Ekspertanmeldelser 2019

Skrevet af: Michael Lavnduski

GoHosting Vurdering

  • Pålidelighed
    9 / 10
  • Pris
    7 / 10
  • Brugervenlighed
    8 / 10
  • Support
    9 / 10
  • Funktioner
    9 / 10
Vurderet til af Michael Lavnduski
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Expert Overview

Well-Established Australian Hosting Provider

GoHosting has been in business since 2003. The company was started by Alan Dawe and Stephen Hampson after they worked together at a large Australian ISP for years until it was sold out. They recognized the importance of making sure a company remains focused on the customer at all times, and have built up their business with that specific goal in mind. Over the years they have grown and expanded, and are now one of the better recognized and rated hosting companies in all of Australia.

The company seems to be satisfied remaining in Australia and that region of the world, continuing to grow and improve the services that they offer to those users. The company offers a wide-range of hosting solutions including shared hosting, VPS options, dedicated servers, co-location options, and more. In addition, they can help people and businesses with Office 365 solutions, streaming services, and more. They even provide some basic web-security and spam filtering to help their customers get exactly what they need.

Uptime & Reliability

Good Reliable Hosting

Go Hosting is a reliable hosting provider, and they have the data to back it up. They list the status of their servers, how many incident reports they have received for the past several days, and much more. Since they use name brand hardware from proven vendors, it is very uncommon to experience any type of downtime due to their servers. The datacenters are built for reliability with redundant power sources, multiple connections to the Internet, and more. Overall, it is unlikely that you will experience any significant outages when hosting with this company.


Hosting and Much More

Go Hosting is primarily a hosting provider, but they have a variety of other features available as well. This allows their customers to get all their web-focused services from one place, which is convenient and affordable. For hosting options, you can choose from shared hosting, VPS options, dedicated servers, streaming hosting, and more. Each of these categories has multiple packages to choose from based on the specific needs of your website or company.

Looking through the different hosting options you will see mostly standard features. For shared hosting, you can choose from 1, 5, or 30 gigs of disk space, 4, 20, or unlimited bandwidth, and additional options. They all come with free daily backups and other standard options commonly found with hosting plans. Virtual servers offer quite a bit more power than the shared options, but they are a lot more expensive too. You can get 2, 4, or 8 gigs of dedicated memory, 40, 60, or 100 gigs of disk space, and plenty of bandwidth too.

For the dedicated servers, you can choose from the ones they offer, which are made by Dell, HP, and SuperMicro. These are all sold based on the exact specs you need, and you’ll need to request a quote. They also have co-location options to house your servers in their datacenters to provide good quality hosting to businesses and others who have a lot of web requirements.


Fast and Friendly Tech Support

If you should run into any type of technical issues with your hosting, you will be able to get it fixed quickly and easily. Their support teams are staffed 24/7 and they respond right away to ensure their customers are happy. In addition, they have quite a bit of good documentation and self-help options that will help users to avoid problems and fix issues should they experience them.


Be Careful What You Purchase

Looking at all the different hosting packages that they have available, it is difficult to choose the right one based on price. Their shared hosting solutions are all reasonably priced, though far from the cheapest out there. The VPS options are quite expensive compared to what you can get from other hosting providers. If you go through each of their options to comparison shop, you can get some good deals for very nice hosting at a fair price, but you can’t just go through looking only at features and assume you’re going to get a reasonable price because that is not always the case.


Rapid Response Times for Visitors to Your Site

You won’t have any issues when it comes to speed from Go Hosting. They have multiple fiber connections going out to the Internet for a good, fast, connection that will keep your users happy. Since they are focused on providing their hosting services to people in and around Australia, their hardware is physically located nearby, which can help to ensure fast response speeds too.


Above Average Australian Hosting

If you are looking for hosting that is based in Australia, this company should certainly be on your short list of options to consider. They have a great reputation, and do a good job at making sure their customers are getting a great overall service. If you are careful to choose the right hosting package based on your specific needs, you will have a good overall experience and a hosting company that will be there for you for years to come.


  • Well established company
  • Fast Connectivity
  • Reliable Hosting
  • Good Tech Support


  • VPS Packages are Over Priced


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GoHosting priser, planer & funktioner - 2019

Planer for delt hosting

Navn på plan Rum Båndbredde Pris Score
102.4 MB 1.02 GB 25 kr 9.6
30 GB Ubegrænset 60 kr 9.6
30 GB Ubegrænset 53 kr 9.6
30 GB Ubegrænset 28 kr 9.6
512 MB 2.05 GB 39 kr 9.6
1 GB 5.12 GB 53 kr 9.6
2 GB 10.24 GB 80 kr 9.6
3 GB 30.72 GB 135 kr 9.6
6 GB 61.4 GB 203 kr 9.6

Planer for VPS hosting

Navn på plan Rum RAM OS Pris Score
10 GB 256 MB 231 kr 9.6
20 GB 512 MB 350 kr 9.6
30 GB 1 GB 468 kr 9.6
40 GB 2 GB 587 kr 9.6
60 GB 4 GB 1.179 kr 9.6
100 GB 8 GB 1.771 kr 9.6

Dedikerede serverprislister

Navn på plan Rum RAM OS Pris Score
1000 GB 8 GB 2.260 kr 9.6
1.95 TB 16 GB 3.179 kr 9.6
1.17 TB 24 GB 4.597 kr 9.6
1.17 TB 32 GB 6.006 kr 9.6
1.17 TB 64 GB 10.401 kr 9.6
3.5 TB 144 GB 15.879 kr 9.6

Planer for cloud hosting

Navn på plan Rum RAM Båndbredde Pris Score
2 GB 0 B Ubegrænset 33 kr 9.6
30 GB 0 B Ubegrænset 66 kr 9.6
50 GB 0 B Ubegrænset 99 kr 9.6



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