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  • Pålidelighed
    8.0 / 10
  • Pris
    9.1 / 10
  • Brugervenlighed
    8.3 / 10
  • Support
    8.5 / 10
  • Funktioner
    8.6 / 10

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4MyResearch Nigeria
  • Pålidelighed 10
  • Pris 10
  • Brugervenlighed 10
  • Support 10
  • Funktioner 10

Super Fast...Uptime 98%

Service anvendt: Delt - W-DELUXE
We host our company site at PhilmoreHost and equally use the efficient site builder to develop the site ( The site is up-time 98% in 2017 and has a high ranking score as mobile friendly. You can test the speed of ... Læs mere
obs Emz
  • Pålidelighed 8.0
  • Pris 10
  • Brugervenlighed 8.0
  • Support 10
  • Funktioner 10

Very Affordable and Reliable

Service anvendt: Delt
Thank you so much for your help on this!! You guys are really solid with your support! As you can see, we are migrating off a competitor of yours because of this.
Best naija Hosting
Jay-Gucci Bankz
  • Pålidelighed 4.0
  • Pris 8.0
  • Brugervenlighed 6.0
  • Support 4.0
  • Funktioner 2.0

I am Disappointed

Service anvendt: Delt
I am tired of this hosting provider. Each time my website refuse to open... It's saying REFUSED TO CONNECT
Shared server in some cases may have challenge of database disconnection,
If clients sites on the server have too many connections to the database server.
if clients sites scripts, plugins, themes of their wordpress sites are no...Læs mere
user avatar
There are no changes... Everything are still as-is... And my site is still unavailable
Jay-Gucci Bankz
  • Pålidelighed 4.0
  • Pris 10
  • Brugervenlighed 6.0
  • Support 6.0
  • Funktioner 8.0

Could Not Connect.

Service anvendt: Delt
Ever since I started using this hosting company, My website has been Unable to connect. I regret ever hosting with them
We are sorry for any inconveniences you experience during the period you hosted your site with us.
How did you try to connect your website?
Is the website a database website?
Did you ask for assistance?

Mayor Mary
  • Pålidelighed 10
  • Pris 10
  • Brugervenlighed 10
  • Support 10
  • Funktioner 10

Philmorehost is simply the best

Service anvendt: Dedikeret server
I've been using for several years to host a number of sites. Their server is packed with services but it's still very easy to use. The support is available around the clock and the staff provide courteous and help ... Læs mere


Service Prisinterval
Delt-Hosting 4 kr - 163 kr Se planer
VPS 196 kr - 651 kr Se planer
Dedikeret server 1.139 kr - 2.441 kr Se planer
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PhilmoreHost Ekspertanmeldelser 2018

Skrevet af: Michael Lavnduski

PhilmoreHost Vurdering

  • Pålidelighed
    8.5 / 10
  • Pris
    9 / 10
  • Brugervenlighed
    8 / 10
  • Support
    7 / 10
  • Funktioner
    8.5 / 10
Vurderet til af Michael Lavnduski
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Nigerian Hosting since 2011

Philmore Host is a hosting company that serves the Nigerian market with inexpensive, yet reliable, hosting solutions. They offer a variety of different hosting options based on the specific needs of their customers, including shared hosting, VPS solutions, and dedicated servers. The company was established in 2011, and they have been growing over time to become one of the best hosting providers in Nigeria.

As this region continues to develop and become more and more web-savvy, the company has done a good job at keeping up with modern technologies to ensure their customers are getting an excellent overall user experience. All their customers will get a free domain name when signing up for a new hosting account, which can really be a great way for someone to get started with a new website to serve the Nigerian people, or people from anywhere in the world.

Uptime & Reliability


Standard 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Just like most of the other things about this company, their uptime and reliability is going to be right in line with overall industry standards. They provide their users a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which won’t likely be needed since they really do have good quality hosting. The hardware they use is all name brand to help avoid outages. Customers will also get good DDoS protection with most hosting packages to help avoid outages related to these types of attacks, which are becoming more and more common. You’ll also have access to the free backup of data so that if something does happen to your site, it can be restored quickly and easily to get everything back up and running.



Standard Hosting Features

When looking through the features offered with all the different hosting options, you aren’t likely to see anything new or exciting. They have plenty of different hosting packages to choose from, which will give users enough options to ensure they have what they want. While some might complain that all their hosting features are just the industry standards, it is important to remember that things become standards because they are good quality and in high demand.

You can choose from shared hosting options, where they have multiple different packages, or VPS for your hosting. If you need something more powerful, they also have a number of dedicated server packages that you can select. All their hosting solutions come with added extras like Google SEO help, social media plugins, templates, and more. Most of their packages also include WhoIsGuard, and even data backup to protect your important information from loss due to hackers, hardware failure, or even accidental deletion. Overall, the features they offer are going to be good enough for the vast majority of users.



Quality Support Comes at a Price

The support team is staffed 24/7, and they are able to solve most issues right away. In fact, they are monitoring their network and other equipment all the time, so they can even identify problems and have them fixed before you know anything went wrong. You can report issues to them via email, which is monitored 24/7. If you want to talk to someone on the phone, you will need to pay for premium support, which is unfortunate since most hosting companies today offer this as part of their normal hosting services.



Reasonable Prices

The prices are all listed in Nigerian currency so you will need to be able to convert that, unless you are paying from that country. The prices are listed at an annual rate, and are very reasonable. Some of the hosting options you can choose from are far less than what you would see from other hosting companies. A lot of this is likely due to the fact that they are in Nigeria, and they need to go out of their way to attract new customers. Whatever the reason, you can be confident that you will be getting good hosting features for a low price, which will keep most users very happy.



Fast Network Speed for This Region

Philmore Host has a good datacenter that includes multiple network connections out to the Internet. In addition, their internal hardware helps to ensure fast response times for visitors to your site. This hosting company is primarily going to be for sites that are targeting a Nigerian visitor, who will be geographically close to the datacenter to maximize speeds. If you’re targeting a global audience, you may want to go for a hosting company that is more centrally located to minimize response times.


Quality Hosting in Nigeria

When it comes to hosting in Nigeria, this is one of the better companies to consider. They have done a good job at building up good hosting provider with great options for users of almost any level. While there isn’t much about them that really makes them stand out from the competition, there isn’t much about them that will make someone complain either. If you are just looking to run a personal site, blog, ecommerce page, or something else on the web, this is a good option to consider.


  • Low Prices
  • Lots of Hosting Options
  • Reliable Hosting Solutions
  • Free Domain Name


  • Pay for Premium Support
  • Nothing Really Sets them Apart


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PhilmoreHost priser, planer & funktioner - 2018

Planer for delt hosting

Navn på plan Rum Båndbredde Antal websteder Pris Score
512 MB 10.24 GB Ubegrænset 4 kr 8.4
1 GB 20.5 GB Ubegrænset 10 kr 8.5
2 GB 30.72 GB Ubegrænset 15 kr 8.5
4 GB 102.4 GB Ubegrænset 22 kr 8.5
5 GB 153.6 GB Ubegrænset 25 kr 8.5
6 GB 204.8 GB Ubegrænset 28 kr 8.5
10 GB Ubegrænset Ubegrænset 33 kr 8.5
15 GB Ubegrænset Ubegrænset 38 kr 8.5
20 GB Ubegrænset Ubegrænset 44 kr 8.5
1 GB 51.2 GB Ubegrænset 49 kr 8.5
Ubegrænset Ubegrænset Ubegrænset 76 kr 8.5
2 GB 204.8 GB Ubegrænset 82 kr 8.5
Ubegrænset Ubegrænset Ubegrænset 104 kr 8.5
Ubegrænset Ubegrænset Ubegrænset 131 kr 8.5
3 GB 512 GB Ubegrænset 163 kr 10

Planer for VPS hosting

Navn på plan Rum CPU RAM OS Pris Score
30 GB 2 x 3.40GHz 768 MB 196 kr 8.5
40 GB - 1 GB 293 kr 8.5
50 GB 2 x 3.40GHz 1.5 GB 326 kr 8.5
60 GB - 2 GB 424 kr 8.5
100 GB - 3 GB 554 kr 8.5
60 GB 2 x 3.40GHz 2 GB 651 kr 8.5

Dedikerede serverprislister

Navn på plan Rum CPU RAM OS Pris Score
500 GB 2 x 3.30GHz 8 GB 1.139 kr 8.5
500 GB 2 x 3.40GHz 8 GB 1.790 kr 8.5
500 GB 2 x 3.30GHz 16 GB 2.441 kr 8.5


Phoenix Perth

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