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A Small Orange vs Exabytes Network (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Sammenlignede muligheder Besøg A Small Orange Besøg Exabytes Network (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
20 planer for hosting 61 planer for hosting
Start pris 19 kr / måned 9,34 kr / måned
Gratis domæne Ja Nej
Kuponer Nej Nej
Pålidelighed 1.7
Pris 2.3
Brugervenlighed 1.8
Support 1.3
Funktioner 2.1
28 anmeldelser 21 anmeldelser
Seneste positive anmeldelse
Very good experience. No downtime in last 3 months.
Ridwan Choudhury,
I signed up with A Small Orange despite seeing many bitter reviews on the internet. I've been using ASO shared (small) plan for 3 months. Never experienced any issue with their service. I've monitored my website uptime with J... Mere etpack plugin of wordpress and tested speed, server response time regularly. Never experienced any downtime in last 3 months. Pingdom shows my website is faster than the 98% website. Actually, so far I'm very happy with their service.
It is true that their support ticket is very slow and they took almost two weeks to reply my ticket about registering a new domain. But I never had to wait more than 3 minutes to get live chat support. My ticket was solved instantly via live chat.
Another good thing about ASO is their server name and user area interface is very unique and user friendly.
Hope ASO will remain consistent with their good service. Best wishes for ASO team!
Plans are good and worth of value
Hong Khoo,
Their plans provide huge resources with very competitive price that you definately cannot get from somewhere else. Eventhough the price is low, but the quality is remain excellent!
Seneste negative anmeldelse
Truly a sub 1/5 company
Tom Herbert,
I would give them less than 1/5 if it was possible.
Avoid this host at all costs. Mind numbingly dumb people working customer service and the tech guy destroyed my company website. Right now they can't figure out how to send ... Mere me a backup to transfer to another hosting company or they think they're playing me to get more of my money. Forget ASO. Mindre
email junk and SPAM issues
james roh,
hi anybody having email problem with Exabyte server? i am having problem but not able to get help. so want to share info of issues.
1. our email from Exabyte goes to junk box to some of our recipient. 2. then from some other ... Mere emails, it came back with SPAM at title 3. Some customers simply unable to receive it like DSO and other host.
and yet Exabyte unable to solve it over a week, they say its our customer problem....
4 planer fra 19 kr til 127 kr 22 planer fra 9,34 kr til 281,43 kr
Under 4 $


2,92 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 512 MB
  • Båndbredde: 5.12 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
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Business Web Hosting (EBiz 12 Mini)

1,99 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 12 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
  • Panel: plesk
  • Antal websteder 2
Se Business Web Hosting (EBiz 12 Mini)-plan
Under 8 $


5,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 5 GB
  • Båndbredde: 51.2 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
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Business Web Hosting (EBiz 12 Plus)

6,99 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 60 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
  • Panel: plesk
  • Antal websteder 60
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Over 10 $


10,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 15 GB
  • Båndbredde: 153.6 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
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Business Web Hosting (EBiz 12 Pro)

12,99 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 120 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
  • Panel: plesk
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8 planer fra 127 kr til 947 kr 19 planer fra 23,46 kr til 2.758,48 kr
Under 4 $ Nej

Linux Standard SSD VPS (SSD VPS 1)

5,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 20 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se Linux Standard SSD VPS (SSD VPS 1)-plan
Under 8 $ Nej Nej
Over 10 $


20,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 30 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se 1-plan

Linux Standard SSD VPS (SSD VPS 2)

20,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 40 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se Linux Standard SSD VPS (SSD VPS 2)-plan
Dedikeret server
8 planer fra 625 kr til 1.737 kr 8 planer fra 464,44 kr til 2.153,30 kr
Under 4 $ Nej Nej
Under 8 $ Nej Nej
Over 10 $

Xeon E3-1220 V2

99,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 128 GB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
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Linux Dedicated Server (Economy)

169,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 2 TB
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
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8 planer fra 211,11 kr til 3.987,60 kr
Under 4 $ Nej Nej
Under 8 $ Nej Nej
Over 10 $ Nej

Linux Reseller Web Hosting (REX1000)

450,00 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: 50 GB
  • Båndbredde: 196.92 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
Se Linux Reseller Web Hosting (REX1000)-plan
4 planer fra 15,25 kr til 195,06 kr
Under 4 $ Nej

SSL Certificate (Standard SSL)

3,25 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: Ubegrænset
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se SSL Certificate (Standard SSL)-plan
Under 8 $ Nej Nej
Over 10 $ Nej

SSL Certificate (Organization SSL)

10,75 kr / MD
  • Lagerplads: Ubegrænset
  • Båndbredde: Ubegrænset
Se SSL Certificate (Organization SSL)-plan
1 af 6 1 af 6
Nordamerika Ja Nej
Europa Nej Nej
Asien Nej Ja
Oceanien Nej Nej
Sydamerika Nej Nej
Afrika & Mellemøsten Nej Nej
Support service
5 af 6 6 af 6
Live-chat Ja Ja
Telefonisk support Nej Ja
E-mail support Ja Ja
Forum support Ja Ja
Video vejledninger Ja Ja
Vidensbase Ja Ja
CMS support
3 af 9 7 af 9
WordPress Ja Ja
Administreret Wordpress Nej Ja
Joomla Ja Ja
Drupal Ja Ja
Magento Nej Ja
Fantastico Nej Nej
Softaculous Nej Nej
PrestaShop Nej Ja
Zen Cart Nej Ja
2 af 2 2 af 2
Windows Ja Ja
Linux Ja Ja
3 af 7 4 af 7
Java Nej Ja
Python Ja Ja
Node.js Ja Ja
Django Nej Nej
Perl Nej Nej
Ruby on Rails Nej Nej
1 af 3 1 af 3
MongoDB Nej Nej
PostgreSQL Nej Nej
2 af 6 3 af 6
PayPal Ja Ja
Kreditkort Ja Ja
Skrill Nej Nej
Bankoverførsel Nej Ja
Webmoney Nej Nej
Bitcoin Nej Nej